Native Advertising

In a rich media world, where information moves faster, louder, and brighter than ever before, you need a strong native advertising strategy. SMG's team of experts are here to help.

What is Native Advertising?

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It allows your brand to fit into - and not disrupt - the audience experience. Thoughtful ads and messaging blend seamlessly with content the user is already engaged with, allowing them to become more informed about your product/brand, before ever visiting your website.

Build Trust

Deliver a better ad experience using native in Basis that is relevant, appealing, and not disruptive to the digital-savvy consumer.

Increased Engagment

Share brand stories within relevant content and articles to drive more attention and brand lift than traditional tactics.

Precise Targeting

Combine native ads with advanced targeting capabilities, such as contextual, cross-device and retargeting, to achieve relevance and scale.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Go-to-market quickly and cost-effectively, minimizing discrepancies and implementation time.

Give customers an experience


Typically placed in article and content feeds to mimic the surrounding site design and provide an uninterrupted flow of information for the consumer.

Branded Content

Paid content from a brand that is published in the same format as full editorial on a publisher’s site, generally in conjunction with the publisher’s content teams.

Content Recommendation

Typically displayed alongside other editorial content, this format of native advertising can reach a wide audience in a cost-effective manner.

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